Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snowman Giveaway Winner

         Is Harvest Lane Cottage! Woohoo to Laura! We go way back, been bloggy buddies for sometime now and she lives in my great state so this makes it extra special! Congrats Laura, email me your new mailing addy so I can pop your snowman goodies in the mail to you.  In her comment, she said she was leaving her tree up through January so she could display her snowman collection and snowflakes, how neat is that! I've thought about leaving my Alpine tree up in the library and decorating it according to the holidays/seasons like some do, just not sure about that yet. But if I did, I too would use snowflakes till Valentines day.  I just love it when picks a winner that I know, kinda cool!

      The next giveaway and probably the last for this year will be for my sweet followers, as a way to thank them for being fans of my blog, so come back tomorrow for the details, as we have a grand daughter singing tonight so off we go! Congrats again Laura!


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