Friday, November 20, 2009


Do you have any for Thanksgiving? We all eat turkey and pumpkin pie but is there a special thing you do or way to share with your family and friends as you gather? I started one a few years ago for my family, and I wish I would of done it sooner. I started a gratitude journal that I pass to each member of the family to write down what they are grateful for this year, and they look back to the older posts, smile and pass it around. This little act helps them to stay grounded and I'm happy to say, all really look forward to it. I was afraid some might not want to join in but all do and some even take up a whole page or two! This tradition will become a treasure in our family and all it took was a pretty journal and pen to be passed around, I'm thrilled! Sometimes, it really is the small stuff that turns out to be big! What is your favorite tradition for Thanksgiving?


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