Sunday, November 22, 2009

Swap Partners Paired

The emails have all been sent and all that is left to do is gather your goodies, package them up nicely and get them in the mail by Friday or so. If you haven't received a email from me with your partners info. please let me know soon so I can work on fixing it. There were 3o of us between bloggers and the farmgirls over at MaryJanes Farm Connection so you just may know your partner, if not, consider her a new friend sharing some Christmas cheer. I'm anxious to hear all about your swaps, and if you post about it, let us know, so we can click over to check it out! This is so exciting and I think were all ready for some holiday smiles in the mailboxes!

And I think we need Christmas right now! Another blogger made me think about this from her post, and she's right. With all that is going on in the world, we need Christmas to restore the good in people. I just wish we all could feel the spirit all year through, not just one month out of twelve. So, as we prepare for Thanksgiving, keep in mind the many blessings we all should be thankful for, each day. Happy swapping!


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