Thursday, October 29, 2009


What brings you bliss? For me, it's many things....gardening, crafting, photography, baking and most of all blogging. It can't be said enough, blogging has become apart of my life, I just can't imagine not having that connection at my finger tips. I've learned so much in the last couple of years that I've been blogging, and I credit my new found spirit to blogging. I'm more creative, more eager to try new things, live more simply and share my ideas and ways with others who reap friendship.

With Thanksgiving just a flip of the calendar away, my thoughts like so many of yours, is leaning towards gratitude. I give my creator thanks every night for all he has blessed me with, but sometimes that just isn't enough. Sometimes, it has to be seen or felt. Last year I did a month of Thanksgiving here, and the response and comments were wonderful, I may do it again this year or something different, not sure yet. But what I am sure of is that we must try to show our gratitude every day, even in small ways. We are blessed so we may bless others.

We need more bliss in our lives, so don't feel bad about taking some special time for yourself, to do what ever it is that brings you bliss, if we are happy and content, the rest of our little world will be too. And what better gift to show our children, that we matter enough to practice enjoying the happy things in life. I blog for bliss and am proud of it! What brings you bliss?


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