Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seasonal Sewing

Are you a seasonal sewer/stitcher? I am, not sure why, I enjoy sewing and stitching but must admit I have more time for it in the fall and winter months. And I guess that is ok, I'd love to do more of it and have so many ideas and wants. I found this adorable and easy quilt that got me in the sewing mood early and will be a upcoming sewing project, I want to make one for each of the grandkids and then one for me! Isn't it cute? And only takes four bandannas, I've already bought my first four in pink and purple for my oldest granddaughter. I hope to make the first four for Christmas gifts then work on mine. You can find the tutorial over at I Have to Say, just look on the left sidebar for handmade quilt, a me and my girl tutorial for directions. I'm anxious to start this quilt and kick off my seasonal sewing sessions! How about you?


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