Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Bathroom from Old

It's the last room in the house to get a makeover and I knew it would be the toughest! It's the only bathroom in the house and I guess that is why we put it off till last, that and in seeing how the 4 college boys lived that rented this house before we bought it, as the before photos prove. The floor was the worse, water damage lead to some of it having to be replaced. A new toilet took 8 hours to replace due to damage once the old one was removed, thank goodness we live down the road from a nature park with a potty! The vanity had a missing drawer but a tin sign covers it up nicely. The room was grey and since the counter top was grey, I did keep a touch of it but painted the vanity a prim black and new nickel hardware replaced the cheap looking 80's handles. I painted the walls a cream color to lighten it up a bit since it has no window, which I don't like at all and one day will be added. The wall behind the toilet was to be wallpaper with a barn wood paper I had left over from our old house but since it's textured, I couldn't do that. So, I found some cedar plank paneling for $10 a sheet, it only took 2 and gave me the outhouse look since that is the theme of the room, brought from the old house.

Giving it a more rustic feel, I had hubby put up a old barn plank above the mirror. When we went to replace the old light fixture we found a hole too big for our new fixture, so this solved that problem plus gave me the look I was after. He also used a plank on top of the cedar paneling and will be making all the trim to match. I'm still debating on painting the grey shutter door black or leaving it grey, what do you think? Either way, it will tie in but I think I'd like to see it black to match the vanity? The flooring was left over from the kitchen, the new light fixture was a gift from one of the kids and the toilet was bought from the ReStore for only $30, brand new. Adding everything up, we re-did this bathroom for $142 mainly for paint, rugs, paneling and extras. I'm so happy with it, it's our outhouse in house!
I'm almost sad it's over, it means every room in the house has gotten a makeover from the day we got the keys and there's nothing left to remodel, paint, or redesign. But give me a couple of years, I'll find something to re-do, I can't help it! I find great joy in improving our house to make it our home, sweet home...


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