Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pie in a Jar

Thanks to Facebook, which has a ton of great groups to join, I found a nifty little site that I"m hooked on, and who wouldn't be after reading how to make a little pies in a jar. How cleaver is that, you can make them ahead of time, pop them in the freezer and bake when needed. I just love ideas like this and I thought you might too, so check them out at Our Best Bites. This recipe with full directions was posted on Monday 9/28 but before you find that one, check out the pumpkin pie milkshake recipe up front, looks good! My internet problems should be no more, a tech had to come out yesterday since I was still having issues, he did his magic and so far so good. Keep your fingers crossed for me, as I have a lot of catching up to do! Now, head over to this great cooking site and join me in trying these cute pies in a jar, I just love this site!


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