Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Home Decor

Autumn, such a magical excites me like a child at Christmas! I took a day last week to decorate the house for the new season and it was the best day of the week! The weather was damp, cloudy and cool. Candles of pumpkin scent filled the air with a fall fancy and I took pleasure in making our home all cozy and festive. Muffins baked while I primed and propered the place and this is the out come.
My internet is still slow and in and out, it seems I'm last on the line to get new cables so I'm hoping this week will be the last of delays, because I haven't' been able to post photos at all, in fact, if this goes through, I'll be surprised. So, I've used the down time to do some sewing, started my bandana quilt from the post a couple of weeks ago, its so easy too. It only took me a couple of hours so I will be making all four grandkids one for Christmas and one for me! I've also got more stuff for my Etsy shop but I haven't' been able to post photos so as soon as they are done replacing the cables, those will be up for sale. Another fall giveaway will be starting soon too, so have a wonderful Monday and savor the season......autumn's magic!


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