Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Day 17 of a month of me explores the seasons I love so much! I was raised in Las Vegas where you have one maybe two seasons, HOT and not so hot! So, living here in the Ozarks exposed me to all four seasons and I love them all, the good, bad and ugly humidity even!! But when asked which is my favorite season, I'd have to say spring. After a long, cold winter it's nice to get outside and play in the dirt again, plant a garden and flowers anywhere I can cram more in. Yes, that is a real critter in the photo above, it was taken at our old house, he let me get that close too!

Fall is my second favorite season, after a long, hot summer it's nice to curl up with a quilt and sip hot tea at night, take in the fall colors and just wind down a little, get prepared for winter. I love to decorate for fall, and Christmas but I love all four seasons just because I have them, summers are short and can get hot but those few months of outside chores, fun and play are nice. Winters are magical, the snow covers everything like a blanket making it look new again. I'm not a fan of the ice storms like we had last winter, but we survived. It was a pretty site!

I'm grateful to live here, to have all four seasons to enjoy. I wouldn't have it any other way! We complain about the weather but each season has a purpose and we should get out and treasure each one for the glory they hold! What is your favorite season?


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