Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Day 16 of a month of me has to be about friendships since it's following motherhood, because we do "tend" to our friendships to keep them strong and loving. Friendships are like flowers too, sweet, pure and reblooming, but we have to work at it and keep the weeds from spoiling the growth! My theory is you can always tell a good Mother by the way she tends to her garden and friends. Our friends are important to us, I'm so glad I'm a woman for this reason if none other but I have many! We value our girlfriends! I guess that is why I enjoy blogging so much, it's like having girlfriends all over the world!

We all have or had that very best friend, you know the type, your Ethel. I lost mine some years ago, she was only 52, I miss her. We were friends for almost 30 years, it's hard to replace that bond, not sure I have yet either. But the friends I have now, my sweet sister , family and blogging buddies sure fill the gap, and someday I'll find another Ethel, I'm in no hurry!

I can't imagine not having friends to talk too, confide in, hang out with and learn from. I've found a connection at MaryJanes Farm, just click on her button to the right if you too are looking for friends that are just like you! I've been a farmgirl for almost 5 years now and the gang is a endless supply of whatever you need! I know some of you are farmgirls, aren't we a hoot! lol

I'd love to hear about your Ethel so share if you will, if not, just treasure your girlfriends, you never know when you will lose one!


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