Saturday, June 06, 2009


Day 6 of a month of me is all about my passions, those things that define me, encourage me and make me bloom! Photography is one of those passions. I've always had a camera, but it wasn't until the digital age that it became apart of me. It's now become my revolver, I'm quick to take a photo whenever I spot a subject that intrigues me and I want to learn more. I love taking nature photos the best, they cooperate better than my grandchildren who I love to snap too. But flowers were meant to be photographed and shared. For years I've tried to capture rain drops on petals and I finally did, I'm blooming too!

Scrapbooking is another passion mainly because it includes photos and gives me another reason to take them and it's taught me alot about both hobbies. It keeps me creative and through the pages I design, I'm sharing memories that can be handed down or in my case, displayed on the wall of fame. I don't think these works of art should be hidden away in a album, I've devoted a whole wall in my craft room to them that I change out a few times a year. Scrappin is an addiction, but well worth the money and time invested.

Gardening has been a passion of mine for decades, passed down from my Dad, and I'm so grateful. It's another outlet for being creative, this time with live objects but once mastered you create a beauty only God can take credit for. If I couldn't garden, I would shrivel up and die! The world is a much better place for the beauty of gardens!

I could go on but these are the top three right now, the most important to me, the three I want to learn more about and be better at, always! You are never too old to learn!


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