Sunday, June 07, 2009

Faith has Wings

Day 7 of a month of me and the first Sunday are devoted to faith. Like this bird who is faithful to show up for a free meal, I too am faithful. This secure faith grows deeper with age. I never attended church as a child, my Mom never learned to drive and my Dad usually worked weekends, but I grew up knowing God and having faith. It was almost like I was born with it, a comforting feeling knowing as long as I trusted God, everything would be alright. One aspect of my life that has taught me alot about faith is gardening. You plant a seed, water, weed and harvest all on faith. It's an amazing power to hold.

Sharing your faith with others goes beyond fellowship, it's a comfort. Could I blog without faithful readers? Yes, but what fun would that be? The fellowship between bloggers is food for the soul. Again, like this bird, living on a wing and a prayer has new meaning. We rely on prayer so we can fly, having faith is what keeps us from falling! God is good, life is good and faith is divine!


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