Monday, June 08, 2009

My Bucket List

Day 8 of a month of me brings us to my bucket list, have you seen the movie? I have never really heard the term "bucket list" till I saw the movie, love it and the idea. Now, I'm not a dare devil so you won't see any scary stunts, in fact, it will probably be boring. My bucket list is just a list of things I'd like to accomplish before I die. I've thought about it all day and the list isn't long, my life has been so blessed, there really isn't alot lacking. Just a few things I'd like to see or do.

1. See England, the home place of my Mom.
2. Write and publish a book.
3. Learn to knit.
4. Geocache across the states.
5. Drive a hummer.
6. Buy a old camper and turn it into a glamper.
7. Master the art of cupcake decorating.
8. Finish a quilt.
9. Meet my favorite blogger.
10. Travel more.

There you have it, I told you it was boring. Do you have a bucket list? If so, leave me a comment with a few of yours. And if you haven't seen the movie yet, do yourself a favor and rent it soon!


  1. Such a good movie and so very sad. I cried for a long time after!

    I think about making a bucket list all of the time but never find the time to sit down and actually think.

    The top of my list would be to visit Italy, Maremma to be exact!

    I dont think your list is boring at all, I think you kept it all within reach and didnt shoot "for the stars".

    Youve inspired me to make the time and make my own bucket list!!

  2. What a wonderful list, and I saw a few things on your list that are on mine!


  3. I loved this movie. Remember the post I did a while back about it? Anyone who wants to visit can read my list here:

    Sue, I definitely hope you get to visit England. I've heard it's so lovely there. I'm hooked just on the pictures I've seen from there. xxoo

  4. Link to my bucket list...

    Thanks for sharing yours and inspiring me to create mine..!

  5. hummm... wonder who #9 is? wouldn't it be fun to have a "blogging friends weekend" LOL!!!
    don't have a bucket list created yet, but #3 would be on mine too :)

  6. I saw the movie. I have not written a list yet, but suspect that the list would be very long. There are so many things yet that I want to do. You have inspired me!

  7. Sue,
    Have you seen Grace Brown's "Sisters on the Fly" blog pics yet? You'll love them :) enjoy

  8. I saw a guy on Oprah I think, yrs. ago..who when he was young made a bucket list of sorts. He was determined to do them all before he died. Some were impossible dreams but because he put them there, he was able in time to do many. That inspired me but I didnt have money to do anything back then.

    Since then I got some cash after my divorce and decided to go for a few things Ive always wanted to do. Im glad I did, Ill always have the memories but honestly there are lots of things you can put on a list that dont cost money.

    A friend made one awhile back with such ordinary things on it like riding a train, and going to a museum. Sadly shes since passed away and didnt get to do them. But reading her list made me realize many things I did in my life, if I had thought about it, would have been put on my list. So dont be afraid to make a list of ordinary things, everyone seems to think it must be big, expensive stuff.

    Its simply things you find extraordinary that you personally would love to do. Make your dreams come true!

  9. Oh I loved that movie. I have wanted to do a list ever since I saw it and never have. some things that would definetly be on my list are:
    Go to Paris
    Write a novel (just like you)
    Go to all 50 states
    Do a mission trip
    this list could get extremely long!!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful birthday month. email me your address please, i have something to send to you.


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