Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Day 10 of a month of me is about happyness, just what makes me happy? It's the simple things, my grandchilden for one, that's the oldest above leaving me a heart on the sidewalk. Gardening keeps me happy, even in the winter as I plan for spring. Writing is a happy part of my life, it keeps me connected with the past through journals, and my articles keeps that dream alive. Blogging really makes me happy, the support group here, esp. from yesterdays post, was so uplifting and thanks to you all, I'm gonna take menopause on with a positive additude!

Of course my family and friends make me happy and my home is true happyness but it's the small and simple things in life that just keeps your heart happy. Today on my way home, a mama quail and her cute little babies crossed in front of me, I stopped and just smiled, they were so little and adorable! That's what it's really all about. Sunsets, mountains, flowers, babies and the life around us that doesn't get the credit it deserves.

I'm happy to make it to my 50th birthday, and because of you and all your encouraging words, I'm accepting it from here on out! I've learned a few things from you fine folks who have made it to the other side of 50, there is still alot of life waiting for me to enjoy! Thank you all so much, I couldn't of done it without you! Were only at day 10 so stay tuned, there's still more to come and I wouldn't want you to miss a thing!


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