Thursday, June 11, 2009

Collections & Causes

Day 11 of a month of me is about my collections and causes, those special objects that I must have and are near and dear to my heart, like the causes. Books are a never ending, always on the hunt for collection that is really a addiction. Here are just a few of my favorites that are at hand in my craft room, except for the Farm Chicks book, that's a lender from the library but it's on my wish list. I love books, and by books I mean how to, reference and such. I'm not a novel reader or writer so you won't see many in my house or in my mind, at this point in my life anyway? I collect cookbooks and read them like novels, along with my craft books, sewing, gardening, photography and herbal lore. There's just something so comforting about holding a book and learning from it that empowers you. I hope books never go out of style or disappear into the electronic age. Did you know many books can be downloaded onto a MP3 player to read like that? That's kinda cool as long as they don't do away with the hard copy!

English china is one of my favorite collections, my Mom was born and raised in England so I collect it in honor of her, but I fell in love with for other reasons. The colors, the dainty flowers, the presence of it, I can spot a piece from way off, I'm drawn to it. This is just a sample of my collection, I do have a few more pieces and I hope to add many more. I'd like to have enough to separate and hand down to my grand daughters some day, and hopefully keep that tradition alive since my Mom no longer is.
What pulls at my heart strings in ways of causes that matter to me? Conservation is right up there, water mainly and this stems from living in a primitive cabin years ago (another marriage) where we had to haul our water from a spring. I was younger then and adapted but those 3 years of hauling water are to blame for my bad back, but no regrets. I learned alot about myself in those 3 years and it taught me not to waste much! So, yes I cringe if someone leaves the water on while they brush their teeth or water the sidewalk!
Organics is another important cause that I try to live by and with. If only you knew what was really in our food supply, water sheds and seeds, and don't get me started on Monsanto! We are what we eat, that is why cancer is at a all time high, farmers are being forced out for growing natural and not monster food, and products are being laced with ingredients our bodies were not meant to digest and can't!
Respect for animals and wildlife tops the list today too. We live in their world, they don't live in ours! Respect them, great and small. I do my part by keeping fresh water for birds, feeders full year round and giving right of way whenever possible. I'd like to think my grandchildren will have the wildlife around to enjoy as much as I do.
There are many more collections and causes that I love and care about. How about you, what is near and dear to your heart? Thank you for sharing, these 11 days have been so uplifting making you all near and dear to my heart as well!


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