Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blogging to Become Better.

Day 14 of a month of me involves reason, there is a reason for everything, don't you think? I don't know why my brain often wonders such things, but it does? The reason why I started blogging was to become a better person, silly maybe, but tell me if after visiting your list of favorite bloggers, did you come away inspired or challenged at all? I often do and it's forced me to grow, leave my comfort zone for a bit and try new things, and I needed that. I've grown. I'm finding that turning 50 has a reason, it does get you to think about things, and I've realized these last few years that I've been blogging, I'm a bit better, alot happier and more content. I've learned from you, shared with you and hopefully taught you in some way. Blogging has been such a positive thing in my life. I know if I need to find an encouraging word, I can find it on a blog, if I want a decorating idea, or a recipe there's a blog that has it. I've learned alot about photography from bloggers who share their secrets. Bloggers are the best about sharing!

With that said, I'll share a few of my favorite bloggers with you. Please don't be offended if your not mentioned. There's not much difference between my favorites listed to the right and the few that have become apart of me. I love you all, but these are the ones that read like a book and I feel connected too:

Messy, Thrilling Life is owned by Brin. I've followed her for many years, almost from my start. I've walked with her, cried with her and reaped her happyness. She is the woman I thought I'd be.

The Farm Chicks is so addictive, I just love their style. I could so be one. The photo above came from their site and it spills over with country charm. They are living my dream!

MaryJanes Farm is my home away from home. MaryJane Butters is my hero! She lives her life her way and totally organic! I will travel to her farm one day and stand in awe! ( that should be on my bucket list)

There you have it, the top three that if asked would best describe me. These sites and others have made turning 50 challenging and interesting, for that I thank them and you.


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