Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Things...

Day 12 of a month of me is all about a few of my favorite things......this list could be long but I'll keep it short since we will be heading south soon for a day of thrifting, geocaching and home improvement shopping. I have many favorite things, each year I seem to find more. I'll keep it simple since I am but it'll give you a little idea of who I am. In no certain order......
Aprons, I love the history behind each one, I try imagine the woman who wore the old ones I find in thrift stores, did she have a large family she cooked for? Aprons are hip again and I'm so glad, we can't lose that tie!
Books, I love everything about books, from the smell of new ink to the dusty covers of olden copies. Words can change lives, books are so important!
Old China, you already know I collect English china but I love old china too, flower themes catch my eye. The designs from days gone by are so much more interesting than the ones available today. Again, I love the history behind china, who sipped tea from that little pink flowered cup?
Magazines, I'm a junkie! I save the ones that can be used for reference. Gardening, crafting, decorating and cooking are keepsakes to read over and over again! It's my favorite kind of comfort reading, a good magazine, cup of joe and the tree swing!
Food, I prefer homemade but I must admit since it's just the hubby and me now, I don't cook like I used too but on the other hand, I do get to cook for us and not 5 pickie eaters! Bread fresh from the oven is a all time favorite! Ice tea, unsweet anytime of the year is always refreshing along with my morning coffee.
Movies, I'm a hopeless romantic so I enjoy a good love story, along with a good western, crime drama or tasteful comedy. I don't waste my time or money on stupid movies. A few of my all time favorites would have to be: Country, The River, Coal Miners Daughter, Lonesome Dove, Open Range, and there are more, but I just went blank!
If there's a question of one of my favorites that I didn't cover, feel free to ask me, I'd be happy to take questions, anytime! Thank you for the comments left so far on yesterdays post, I love the "best gift ever" replies, a few were very creative and so sweet! Keep them coming, they get you entered in the giveaway! Enjoy your weekend, see you tomorrow with another day of me!


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