Thursday, May 28, 2009

Walton Ways

I love the Walton's, have probably watched every show and was hooked from the start with the movie that inspired the series. My favorite was John Boy, as I too was hoping to become a famous writer someday, still hoping! Funny how they made the Great Depression seem do-able, and here we are in a depression that has been compared to the one of Walton's fame. We could learn alot from the Walton's, and I did.

This depression of ours hasn't really effected us, we are empty nesters but raising 5 kids together taught me to be thrifty, cleaver and budget minded to say the least. The only difference between then and now is we have a little extra money to treat ourselves to a meal out more often but we still live week to week. Depressing maybe, but I'm thankful each week to be able to pay the bills and keep up the home we love. I still cook using staples that stretch, grow gardens to can and shop wisely. It's just a way of life for us and probably won't change unless we win the lottery and that's ok. We are united and that is money in the bank!

There are many ways to combat this recession, depression cooking links provide tons of hearty recipes that can feed a family cheaply. Salvage stores are stocked with bargains galore. Dollar stores are more popular than ever, where many staples are only a buck! Thrift store shopping is the new rage. I guess the depression can take credit for something great, people are re-thinking how and where they spend their money.

Today, they tell us it's almost over and should be by 2010, will we learn a valuable lesson from it? The end probably won't affect us either, it's just a way of life now and I'm proud to live of Walton ways!


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