Saturday, May 30, 2009

Library Love

What do you do when it's a little too warm outside and you have the afternoon to yourself? You tweak a room, in this case, it's my library. I love my library, always wanted one and now it's new and improved and much brighter for the summer months. I love to tweak and rearrange a room, change is good.
Hubby went fishing, a well deserved outing since he's been busy building planting boxes for me, and I do enjoy the time to myself, to putter and play outside. I'm mulching this evening, almost got it done. I love to mulch, the beds look so neat and formal, not to mention happy and less work for me this summer. May is coming to a end, and I have big plans for June, so stay tuned! Enjoy your weekend, I'm off to mulch my heart out!


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