Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Passion for Purples

Gardening season is in full swing now, no looking back! We managed to get the raised beds filled and planted, finally! Were a little late for some things, but we plan to plant them in fall beds to have for winter. And I'm happy to report that I got my herb bed in, now I feel complete. I miss my old one so much, it was big, full of hard to find herbs, most sent from friends on Garden Web so those will have to wait to be replaced. But I planted the ones we use most often like for salsa and such. I was thrilled to find some pineapple sage at Walmart, I love that stuff! The red flowers attract bees, butterfly's and hummers and the smell is just heavenly! I plan to use it mostly for some pineapple jam this fall.

One of my local greenhouses was a having a 3 day sale, everything was half off so you know I had to buy something, I was there 2 days out of the three. I'm attracted to purple flowers the most, I just love purple passion flowers too, this one is from my old place, seeds my Dad sent me from California. I miss this vine the most. But thankfully there are alot of purple flowers to choose from, some you look at in awe and wonder how can anyone not believe in God? What's your passion flower?

Today is the last day for any chance of rain and we've had rain most everyday for a week. With this 20% comes humid weather, too humid for May so were back on the roller coaster ride called Mother Nature, will it ever be normal again? I wish you all a good gardening season, full of purples, blues, reds and yellow happy flowers! Rejoice in the passion!


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