Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grand Opening Giveaway!

A blogging buddy, CathyJean from "Because Nice Matters" is opening up a new shop and kicking it off by giving away one of her darling aprons. CathyJean is a talent with a needle and thread, love her pincushions and she has some great links for quilters with free patterns, can't beat that! So, head over and check out her blog and new shop, get entered in her grand opening giveaway and just say "Hello" because nice does matter!


  1. Thanks so much, Sue!!:) I have you down for 2 chances! Best wishes:)

  2. I love this kind of apron, Sue. This one is beautiful.

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  4. oh what a bueatful day!
    Had a GREAT DAY TODAY!, WAS FEELING GOOD,FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME. I GOT TO SAT OUTSIDE AND EVEN TAKE A SHORT WALK OVER TO MY GARDEN SPOT with the children. Y'all know how addicted I am to spring garden and the Autumn days,my favorite seasons. Then had to come in for a rest and right back out again,
    The sky was blue and sunshine about, black and yellow bumble bees buzzed about and the birds sung in the trees,only thing growing is dandelions but there heaven to me, just so glad to be outside. A neighbor has offered to till up my garden so MAYBE after I recover from surgery I can still get in a late garden.
    The weather here is nice so we can open my bedroom window and I still get a bit of outside.
    Just waiting for the 17th to have the surgery then I will be up and at it again.
    I had not felt good in so long I had almost forgotten what I was missing.
    it was such a great day I did not have to take any pain meds untill9:30 tonight.
    Bubba fryed some green tomatoes off the vine,our first of the season.they look so lonely by them selves with only daddlions to keep them company,but soon I hope to have peas,corn ,squash ,watermelloms,pumpkins,lettes,raddis ,butterbeans,snape beans,cucumbers,strawberrys and any thing else I can put in.anyone know where I can get some celery seed, I also got to see the full moon last night,it was dreamie , hope y'all are alll have as wounderful day as I did, love to you all


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