Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sneakin a Peek....

Yep, I'm at it again, been working on a little re-do in the bedroom, sassin it up a bit, as I call it! I've been trying to post this for 2 days now and blogger wouldn't let me? But, here is a little sneak peek, almost got it done, just have to find a few things to alter before I can call it done. I'm excited, a fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference. I wasn't sold on my first attempt at our bedroom, I settled for a pale blue since the new floor would be laid soon, but it was too light and showed every dirty finger print from hubby, why can't guys wash their hands more? But, this re-do is going to be fun, fresh and ready for spring!

Speaking of spring, where did it go? We were enjoying perfect painting weather, in the 70's, had windows open and a nice breeze, then a storm front come in from up north and after a little rain, we are back to winter.....the rest of the week! I just hope the trees that are budding out won't be harmed? I've seen Dogwoods in bloom so I was hoping the cold temps. were long gone.

Here is a super easy recipe for Scones, which are Irish and to keep in theme here for a few more days. This recipe is handy if you need a quick bread, you can also add just about anything to it, seeds, cheese, onion, garlic, or fruit.

Irish Scones

2 c. self rising flour
3 Tbsp. butter
1/2 c. milk
pinch of salt
Sieve the flour into a bowl and rub in the butter lightly with your fingertips. Add salt and then using a knife, mix in milk, a little at a time. With floured hands knead lightly to a soft dough, adding a little more milk if needed. Roll out evenly but lightly about one finger thick on a floured board. Cut out with a pastry cutter or cut out triangles to form a classic scone. Bake on a greased cookie sheet in a pre-heated 425 oven for 12-15 min. Cool. Best from the oven.

Hope everyone is doing well, looking forward and enjoying each new day!


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