Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cowboy up!

Have you ever been to a western themed wedding? We attended our first last night, that of a nephew and let me tell you, it was nicely different. The bride wore a lovely gown, full length vail and her favorite old cowboy boots! The groom dressed in black and blue with cowboy hats a must. Sawdust covered the barn floor, while straw bales doubled as seating. A DJ provided all the music and fun as family and friends gathered to celebrate the love of this cowboy couple. I took alot of pictures but the dust from the sawdust was flying and most of my photos looked like they had snowflakes on them. But this one is probably my favorite. The happy couple are honeymooning in Branson, a secluded cabin in the was a nice and different way to begin their story, one that will be told plenty, I'm sure.


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