Monday, March 23, 2009

Sassy Sue

Feeling a little sassy I guess when I choose the Aqua blue to replace the light blue I had before, but I love it with the brown. I've almost gotten the bedroom project done, I'm working on altering a couple of things today and I still have to recover those white lampshades, but I haven't gotten brave enough to tackle them. I wanted to share at least one photo, more will follow when I put it all together. I still have to find some throw rugs to match so I can pack those odd ones away. I'm thrilled with my shutters, they just make the room pop!

Don't forget about my Easter giveaway, you have till Friday to enter. I'm having so much fun reading all about your favorite Easter candy, it seems a few are more popular than others. For those of you who love the Cadbury Creme Eggs, I'll have a treat for you in the next post! I got the house decorated for Easter over the weekend, I love all the soft colors and bunnies running, if you haven't gotten signed up yet, get it done! Good luck to all...back to my projects!


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