Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shutter Craft

I'm a firm believer in recycle, reuse and Restores! Look what I found at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore this morning, aren't they the neatest shutters? And just $20 for the pair! I was told they came from a very old historic house here in town, all the better in my book. I plan to use these charming shutters in a bedroom project I have been thinking about and these shutters confirmed my idea. I just love the cutout of a old fashioned candle stick holder, perfect for a bedroom. I will post photos when I'm finished, I hope to start this week sometime.

This is what I did with a used pair of outside shutters that were given to me, I had planned to use them outside on the old house but instead I packed them in the move and so glad I did. A can of black spray paint cleaned them right up and I hung them in the living room, the only window in the room so I wanted it to look bigger than it was. It's hard to see the detail in the photo but it does add something to this small window, I'm happy with the out come. My hubby thought I was silly for hanging shutters inside but I like it, what do you think? Leave it to me to rescue and reuse!

Just one month till the calendar reads the first day of spring, and I'm ready! It snowed like crazy this morning for about a hour but didn't stick, and now it's nearing 50. Crazy weather! I'm baking bread this afternoon and making a big ole pot of pototo soup for supper, so back to the kitchen I go!


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