Friday, February 20, 2009

Hoodie Hoo Day!

They have a "day" for everything these days, don't they? But when I heard today was "Hoodie Hoo Day" and that Paul Harvey supported it, I had to pass it what is Hoodie Hoo Day? February 20th has been set aside to chase away winter and welcome spring, at noon, you are to go outside and yell "Hoodie Hoo" so winter could be chased away to make way for spring. I gave it a try, I was riding home and yelled "Hoodie Hoo" as loud as I could, because I for one am tired of winter, I'm just glad the windows were up and I was out in the country! LOL But hey, it's worth a try to scare winter away, won't you agree? And if Paul Harvey does it, it must work, right?

I've enjoyed all the childhood tales of Barbie, keep them coming! And thanks to those who tried to convince me that age is just a number, I have till June to convince myself of that. I just wish I looked as good as Barbie, maybe then age would seem timeless and just a number? lol But, I know what your getting at, I'll work on it!

Here's hoping all our efforts to chase winter away will work and we can think about all things related to spring. Have a wonderful weekend!


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