Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I'm back, finally!

So long January, bring on February please! What a month, I'm glad to see it end. My Internet has been down due to the ice, then my modem went out and let me tell you, the last 5 days without Internet, blogging, facebook and email, I had major withdrawals! I guess I'm addicted? So, I have alot of catching up to do and I sure have missed you all! This barn looks pretty much the same today, a week after the ice storms, that sheet of ice on the roof is still hanging even though we did warm up over the weekend it wasn't enough to get rid of the layers of ice. I fell again, darn ice, hitting my head on ice covered concrete steps, if they were not covered in ice I would of been knocked out cold, so thankful, I just had a major headache for a few days. Did I tell you I hate ice! My hubby now has proof that I'm hard headed! lol

I'm so thankful we never lost power, some are still out a week later, I feel so bad for them, this ice storm broke all kinds of records here, not surprising as that has been the tune all year. Our pastor and his family lost their house to a fire the second night of the storms, making this the second time they lost a house to a fire, I feel so helpless. But once we have church again, no power out there, we will see what our church family can do for them. I'm so grateful for my God.

The valentines are coming in and cheering things up, I wish more of you had signed up for this swap, it's such a delight, maybe next year? One sweet swapper even sent me a valentine apron she made, I was tickled pink! lol Surprising what you can get done when you don't have Internet, I finished organizing my craft room, I've got everything labeled and easy to find. I made 30 valentines and did alot of baking. Photos soon to come.....

It's so good to be back! If any of you are on Facebook, look me up, would love to add you. There are tons of great groups on Facebook, I've joined several and the info. is priceless. I'll be visiting you all soon so till then, think spring, please!


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