Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter in Missouri

Declared the worse ice storm in this area in some time, I'm thankful we haven't lost power yet. Were still iced in and it's beginning to sound and look like a battle field. Trees are loaded down with ice, making many smack, crackle and pop. We've lost many, but this pine tree takes first place in losing the most limbs, just missing the birding station. As I walked around our place, I could hear trees falling all around, crashing down in the woods, hopefully doing no damage? It's spooky out there, the cold silence with limbs popping. Oh, winter in Missouri!

It's been a wild winter, late at that but like the trees, I too will forgive and look for spring, soon I hope. I'm at least making good use of my time at home, getting the craft room organized, working on my valentines, drinking coffee. Gee, life is good! I hope it's been good for each and everyone of you, esp. those of you who are in the deep freeze too, hang in there.....February is Sunday!


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