Monday, January 26, 2009

Ice, Ice, Baby

Weather in the Ozarks can be crazy at times, odd lately. In just a mere few hours we could be under a ice storm that is predicted to bring up to a inch of ice, sleet and maybe some snow. Give me snow anytime over the ice. Just the thought of ice coming has me in a panic, being the first bad storm of the winter in our new house, surrounded by big, beautiful, old trees. I've got us as prepared as we can be, and we will be just fine as long as we don't lose power, if that happens, you won't be seeing me for awhile, I'll be buried under blankets! We have dodged all the bad ice storms in the last few years, the photo above was taken (not by me) up north in the ice storm of 2006, that was bad and just 2 hours away from us. Cities looked like bombs had exploded, all the trees down, it was a huge mess. I'm praying that doesn't happen here. We are under a ice storm warming for the next 18 hours, so wish us luck and if you're in the path of this monster storm too, stay safe and warm! Is it spring yet?


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