Saturday, January 17, 2009

Recouping from Life

Did you ever have one of those days when life comes at you full force and all day long? That was my yesterday. I woke up to a mere 2 degrees before the wind chill was factored in, then a dusting of snow added to the coldness. Our house payment bounced (first time ever) only because it went through just hours before the paycheck was deposited, but after a call to the bank manager, I was able to convince him to refund the $22 service charge, the fee used to cover the check. But this is our slim week due to the layoff so every penny counts. That was the highlight of the day. Then a credit card statement was stolen and someone had changed our address on it and tried to use it, thankfully it was closed till we pay it off but because of this we never got last months bill putting us in the hole now. But wait, the day isn't over yet.....I take my daily walk down hill to the mailbox only to slide on the dust of snow, landing on my knee which I had sliced opened, I push myself back onto my backside so I wouldn't roll down hill like a snowball and my whole body feels like I've been hit by a truck, not a mac truck but a ranger, still sore all the same! I probably should of had stitches but didn't want to add to the bills, so we made do with some store bought butterfly band aids, and after a lousy nights sleep and some more bleeding, I do feel better today and it looks like I will keep my leg! lol But, what a day! I'm glad it's over so I can recoup, recount and recover! I hope life is treating you better!


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