Friday, January 16, 2009

Mayberry Days

I feel like I've been hibernating all week, it's been so bitterly cold here, you'd think we lived way up north or Alaska! The return of normal will be greatly appreciated, funny how the 40's will feel warm? I'm so ready for spring! One favorite way to keep warm is snuggled under a warm blanket watching some oldies on TV, like The Andy Griffith show, I love that show! On one episode they talked about buying a house for $3,500, now this was back in 1965 mind you, but what does come to mind is how high the housing market has climbed in those 40 some years. Why could a house be bought for $3,500 in 1965 yet a decent house now can cost up to ten times that amount depending on the city? I'm so thankful to live here in the Ozarks where housing is still affordable and taxes are low. I'm afraid there are less places like Mayberry but what a great place to have lived, that era was priceless. We still can learn alot from those days, and we maybe forced to do so if the economy doesn't improve soon. Yep, those were the good old days indeed, but a little bit of Andy will always live on and be admired.


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