Monday, January 19, 2009

A Book & Apron Giveaway

Here's a dandy of a giveaway for you, Not Quite June Cleaver is giving away a wonderful book, it's been on my list for sometime now so you know I entered. Plus she is adding a lovely apron to go along with the book, so it's a two for one! Head over and get your name in!

Thank you all for your concern and prayers, your all such good medicine! I'm doing better compared to Friday, the weekend was long since I couldn't do much. The cut is looking better, my only concern now is that it will close, should of probably had stitches but I'll continue to use the butterfly strips and hope for the best. I'm still a little sore but walking much better, I'll have it made when I can put socks on by myself! lol You don't realize how much you value your knee cap till you slice it open! Bless you all for the comments, I swear bloggers are a special breed! We have a warmer week ahead, thankful for that and all of you!


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