Friday, January 23, 2009

Journal Keeper

I'm a wordsmith, I love words, thoughts, paper, journals, all things that remind me of writing. I guess that is why I'm a journal keeper, have been for many years. Some of my journals are full of everyday happenings, some are full of prayers. My little sister gifted me with a beautiful journal from Country Living, it is the journal I will use for 2009. But I wanted to grace the pages with more than just happenings, I want to fill these pretty pages with challenging thoughts, songs to describe the day, favorite quotes and sayings, gratitude moments. In the end, I hope to have a journal full of the true me, something to pass down to the granddaughters, so they may know this grandma in depth. Keepsakes connect the generations, I wish I had more from my Mom, she left little in ways of treasures. Do you journal? I'd love to hear about your table of contents!


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