Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Seasonal Rush

Such a busy time, it's hard to believe were in the second week of December already? Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Me either, I'm taking this week to get packages ready to ship, swaps together and giveaways finalized. I haven't even made out my Christmas cards yet, would anyone like to exchange cards? I plan to get them out by Friday so if you'd like to exchange holiday cards just send me your mailing addy and I'll do the same. I love getting cards and displaying them all about the house! I save them too, will alter them next year into tags, ornaments or banners. I'm a recycler too!

One last call for sign ups for the Holiday Hot Cocoa giveaway, that will end tomorrow once I'm home so you probably have till noon on Wed., I'll be announcing the winner shortly afterwards. Check out another sweet apron giveaway over at Rosemary's, you sure would look cute as a button serving dessert in that sweet little apron. Till tomorrow, have a great December day! Holiday hugs to all!


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