Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Gift of Charity

Angel Trees are becoming fewer each year, but this year the one I usually pick from was over loaded with child's needs, so sad. I do this each year, choose a ornament with a child's age or needs on, some years I've chosen two, a boy and girl, but this year our budget is slimmer but I still can do one, wish it could be more, but one can make a difference, surly? It always makes me wonder why these trees are displayed only at Christmas time, what about these kids during the rest of the year, their birthdays? Why not a monthly birthday tree? I know times are hard right now, it effects all of us, so many bloggers are hurting. Even in our house the reality of a layoff is near, I pray our economy can be saved. If we all could do what we can to make sure someone else has a nice Christmas, just think of the pay it forward concept that would unfold. Bloggers have the biggest hearts, so I hope you too will find a angel tree and give the gift of charity, it's the one gift that keeps giving...the one that does begin at home!


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