Monday, November 10, 2008

My Adventurous Side

Today's thankful moment is short and sweet, I've got one of my granddaughters this afternoon, in fact the very one who graces my header only a bit older! I'm praising my advernturous side and let me tell you, there has been a time or two that I felt like "Lucy" getting into trouble! I have been known to break into old abandoned homes just to peek around, explore caves totally unaware and just be slightly risky, not thrill seeking but a bit daring. I just love a good adventure! As a child, I always hoped to find some old buried treasure out in the desert, or a arrow head for that matter. Even today, I'll stop at a old house, look around, take pictures. Living in Nevada was fun with all the old ghost towns, mines and caves but I still manage to be daring here too, always will be. So, I'm thankful for that, it wouldn't be much fun if we didn't take chances now and then, explore the unknown or walk the paths of others before us. Harmless, but fun!


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