Sunday, November 09, 2008


Sundays are special, aren't they. The seventh day was meant for rest but my mind is busy searching for answers from today's sermon. Fellowship is special too, I look forward to spending time with our Sunday family, sharing a meal and learning more about each other, and I'm blessed by it and grateful for it. I'm also thankful that I have this chance to share a daily gratitude moment with so many, it really does make you aware of all you have and so little to complain about. Fellowship should not be reserved for Sundays, bloggers have fellowship each time we visit our blogs. Family has fellowship in many ways, as do children. Fellowship is special.

These are not our church doors but I love them. They belonged to a friend of mine who once lived in an historic old Victorian downtown. The story goes that the owner before her dating back to the roaring 20's, was remodeling the house, updating to more modern times and these doors were pocket doors to the sitting room. The owner sold them to a church here in town that reshaped them, painted them red and today they greet a new family. Needless to say, the lady of the house wasn't too happy at the loss of her doors that her husband sold without telling her. What is it about a red door? Why would a church paint their new doors red? Could it be that they would make a easy landmark to find the church? Enjoy your Sunday and fellowships of all kinds!


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