Saturday, November 08, 2008

Glory be God

I grew up in the deserts of Nevada, there weren't the four normal seasons but two, hot and not so hot! So, when we moved to Arkansas in 1985 I was exposed to all four seasons, and it was thrilling to say the least. I still don't like the humidity in the summer months but my bones sure do, that dry heat can do a number on your joints! You all know how much I love fall, just one reason why is pictured here, taken last Sunday on our drive out in the country. But every square inch of our amazing planet should be worshiped, enjoyed to the fullest and not taken for granted. Some seasons more than others show off their glory with awesome sights of sheer delight, like this landscape that I made hubby stop for so I could snap it! Winter woes are calmed by the snow falling, leaving the land refreshed and so clean looking! Spring time is so exciting as blooms are budding once again and life is being renewed. Summer is a carefree season, so much to do, no limits on time or play. So, today it's only fitting that I dedicate my gratitude moment to Mother Earth and all her glory! God is a artist with a magic paintbrush for fall is his canvas! No matter where you live, rejoice in your surroundings for they were made just for you!


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