Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday Coffee Giveaway

So raise your hand if your a coffee lover? I see many are, lucky you, cuz I'm hosting a holiday coffee giveaway and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment here telling me your favorite coffee, be it plain old Folgers or one of the many flavored coffee's which are equally good. Me personally, I love half caff by Folgers, much tamer on the tummy so I enjoy it more but I do enjoy some of the flavored kinds too, esp. in the afternoon during my "coffee break" that hour each day I take for myself to relax and watch Gilmore Girls before I have to start dinner! Hey, a girl has to have her coffee breaks like anyone else! lol Now, this giveaway is just for coffee lovers, a sister giveaway will be for the tea lovers next and soon, all in time to savor before the holidays, so stay tuned. I'll be taking names till the 25th so spread the word!

Today, I'm thankful for coffee, a small thing but oh so good.......it wakes me up in the mornings, it calms me down in the afternoons and they now tell us it's good for us again, so I'm thankful for coffee! May sound silly, but if you recognize even the smallest things that we take for granted, they just mean more. I can't imagine not starting my day off with coffee, could you?


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