Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Cokes are back!

I started collecting these cute little coke filled ornaments last year I believe so I was happy to see them today at Walmart. I don't drink soda anymore but I sure love these for decorating. Coke is such a classic in it's self and has been a fan of Christmas specials for as long as I can remember. I do collect some coke stuff, like tins, I have a big one on top of the fridge that I use for storage.

Today, I'm thankful for music, I'm a big fan and I listen to the radio all day long, weather I'm riding in the truck or at home cleaning, gotta have the radio on. Funny how a song can take you back in time, to childhood or a first date. I can't live without it, and today I have the oldies station on, going back to the 70's when I was in school and boy longer in school but still boy crazy, for mine! lol My dear friend Laura of Harvest Lane already posted her gratitude moment on music before me, but I am thankful for it, nothing like a good song to stir up some emotions, soothe a happy heart or celebrate the holidays.........oh the Christmas music, I can't wait!

So happy to see so many coffee lovers out there and newbies too. Funny how a giveaway or a good recipe gets the numbers! Good luck to all, and remember you have till the 25th to enter. I see I'm in good company here!


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