Monday, November 17, 2008

Crafting Light

I'm in a crafty mood so I thought I'd share a simple center piece that was easy to put together and can be changed for other holidays. Now, I use alot of canning jars for different things but I love using them with candles for the soft light they give off. All you need here is a canning jar, any size will do but I prefer the quart size. Fill it about half full with a seasonal potpourri so it can hold a glass contained candle, also fitting for the season. Tie off the rim with some raffia and you have a easy, cheap candle holder. This one is for fall which I'll also use for Thanksgiving. You can also fill the jars with anything you want since the candle is contained in glass. I will change this for Christmas and do it up with different objects more festive for the holiday. But you get the idea.

Today, I'm thankful for my crafty side, which keeps me happy, expressive and thrifty too, because I like to reuse, recycle or alter things. There's a special kind of contentment that comes from creating, and I feel blessed to have the craft gene so I may shower friends and family with homemade gifts and goodies!


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