Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gingerbread Tree

I don't remember how I got hooked on gingerbread people but over the last several years I've collected enough to fill my Alpine tree but I'll keep adding whenever I find them. My annual source has always been Walmart and a winter craft fair here in town, the craft show is soon and thank goodness because Walmart doesn't have any gingerbread ornaments this year, in fact, their selection is very poor this year. What happened to Walmart, they seem to be losing it? Sad for small towns like mine where that is the only big store to shop at! I'm not done decorating the library but I did get my gingerbread tree up and in this big room is looking smaller than I remembered? Now, with our first snow fall in the background, I"m attempting to get the house decked out while the real tree is relaxing, shouldn't it be me who is relaxing? lol Anyhoo, when tomorrow comes I can decorate the real tree before the kids come for supper. Did you catch the snow part? Yep, it's snowing, pretty good too but it's not sticking but what a pretty site while getting the house ready for Christmas, a perfect day!

Tomorrow is December so today is the last day for my month of Thanksgiving. I've so enjoyed sharing it all with you, it really keeps you grounded to acknowledge the small things, those everyday things that we take for granted. And for the big things in our lives too, our family, friends, work, our country, our troops, our religion and our everything! That is how I'm gonna sum it for this last day of thanksgiving, I'm grateful for everything, everyone and everyday, Amen! I want to thank all those who followed me in this challenge, I've enjoyed reading your moments too, let's do it again next year!

One more day to get signed up for my holiday tea giveaway then we can start the holiday hot cocoa giveaway, so scroll down the giveaway post and leave me a comment, I'll post the winner tomorrow, good luck!


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