Monday, July 14, 2008

Seeing Red

Brazilian Flame is the shade that I can't get enough of, from Walmart too. It has a magical feeling about it, making the room feel bigger almost. I had planned to post this photo yesterday but it took forever, my hubby got me a new camera for my birthday and the software takes longer to upload. But here you can see a little more of my kitchen and a better shot of my utensil wall ( just for you Lea). That bookcase with the curved front was left in the old house when we bought it 14 yrs. ago, it's become one of my favorites, now it houses all my cookbooks and sits across from my new little desk, perfect companions. You can also see my 2 ovens, which I will use alot, not like the dishwasher, I just can't justify using all that water to do the dishes when you have to rinse them anyway, but I am using it as a dish drainer, freeing up my counter space. And Lea, keep looking for your utensils, half the fun of that project was hunting for them in flea markets, junk shops and thrift stores, really didn't take a long time either and I think the most I paid for one was $3. Thanks to all for the kind comments, I do enjoy sharing this remodel with you all! Happy Monday!


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