Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dining Delight

I am thrilled with the outcome of the dining room, I never thought I'd get into such bold colors as red and black, but I guess our tastes do change, as mine has for the positive. See that black hutch, what a deal! I had my eye on it at Walmart for about a month, full price was $159 so I waited. A few weeks later they marked it half off, I was so tempted, but I waited, mainly because we were busy painting. But good things come to those who wait, or just got lucky, cuz they were making room for their new line of furniture and had marked several old pieces down to 70% off, so I got this piece for $40 and it just makes this room, delightful! Now, I have a place to store all my china. This room is dark but we plan to fix that soon by cutting a door way to the right of the hutch which will lead into the library and bring in some more light. Tomorrow I'll have pics of the living room, yes more red but I'll also show off the other side of the house, which reminds me, my coffee is waiting, so good morning to all!


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