Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Living Room

Why are living rooms called this when you live in the whole house? Ours is dark, being a older home, they didn't go for big windows back then, mainly to save on utilities, and so far, this house is easy to cool, so I'll have to think of other ways to lighten this space up? Painting it a brick red doesn't help, but it sure does make it feel homey, and I will post some photos of the other side, in my coffee color.

But what a difference paint makes, this place was ALL white and dirty, so paint was a must, and thanks to Uncle Sam and a stimulus check, we have all new furniture for our new pad. Now, I never thought I'd like leather, but this rich brown set caught my eye and no more dog hair! All was bought at Big Lots, can you believe it! I'm a tight wad, I like to get all my money can buy, so I was able to furnish our whole living room, lighting included for $1000, thanks to outlet places like Big Lots and it's good quality too.
If you haven't gotten signed up for my giveaway yet, you have one more day to do so, so don't forget. I've enjoyed reading all the comments on what you'd display on your hutch, and all are wonderful, always nice to see new bloggers here too! Good luck and good day to all!


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