Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chalkboard Fun

I knew I'd be hooked on chalkboard paint, so easy and fun, and you can transform just about anything into a chalkboard. Take a look at my butchers block, I think it was meant to be a chalkboard, just why did I wait so long? I just love it and what a fun place to leave notes. Did you notice our new floor? It was laid yesterday while I worked on the craft room. This stuff is amazing, it's a padded vinyl that just floats on top of the old stuff, no glue! This is totally new to me, and I have to admit, I was "wondering" if it would hold up, esp. with big doggy feet, but it's flat as can be and no wrinkles! The best thing, if we ever wanted to change it out or have to replace the floor, all we do it take off the trim, roll it up, fix the floor and lay it back down and replace the trim. I just love it, makes the kitchen almost done, just got to replace the faucet and the light fixture over the sink.

Here's another view of the living room, still working on the coffee side, just needs something? Get your name in the giveaway below, I"ll be drawing the winners name early Thursday morning, so you still have time.


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