Friday, July 18, 2008


I think blog awards are such a fun way to recongize our efforts to share our lives and learn from others, so imagine my surprise when I found out that I've been awarded three! This one comes from Mandie over at Life in the Craft Lane, a wonderful blog for freebies, and Mandie is such a talent too, check her out! Thanks Mandie, I'm honored!

Catherine from Cate's Linens is a sweetie to think that my blog is one of five that makes her day, because her's will surely make your day if you pop over there and visit her vintage style. Thanks Catherine!

Marie from Stone Flowers gave me this one, not sure what it stands for, but I"m thirlled all the same. Blogging is such a joy and to be thought of in such a special way is a honor and pleasure. Thanks Marie!
All these blogs can be found in my side bar of favorite friends, and indeed they are! And since time is not allowed to follow through with these awards the proper way, I will have to email the chosen ones to let them know I have passed these awards onto them. Thank you all for thinking of me, each and everyone of you deserves a award for being the best readers a blog could have!


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