Monday, June 09, 2008

Lily Love

I'm so glad the lilies are blooming before we move, I just love them, the different colors and styles, some look fake, some are bright but all make my heart smile! These orange ones always remind me of fall, if only they could create a fall lily, I'd be in heaven and what a happy companion for the mums that I love just as much! I will miss all the flowers I have planted and tended to here, if only I had the money spent on them, I'd be "green" with envy! But bare ground awaits my green thumb, but the house needs our attention first so I probably won't be planting much till fall. The renters really let the house go, we will probably end up gutting the bathroom after we get settled in, not something I"m looking forward too since there is only one bathroom, but it needs to be done. Just something you gotta expect in older houses, were not afraid of the work and will be my first bathroom remodel.
The carpet gets laid tomorrow and I've painted most of the rooms, the main ones anyway. The kids playroom and library will have to wait. I've changed my mind several times on what to do with the extra rooms, instead of a guest room, were making it a library, I've always wanted one so now we have the space to create a room for all my books, it will no doubt be one of my favorite rooms, after my craft room and bigger kitchen with two ovens! Can you tell this girl is high on life, all those HGTV shows I've been watching will come in handy!
Thank you all who wished my hubby a Happy Birthday, it's always fun to celebrate special days world wide! I'm gearing up for the favorite things swap I posted about last week, just waiting for my swap partner info. then I'll be putting together a package of my favorite things to share with her, did anyone else sign up for this fun swap? And how about the "Girls of the City" taking the weekend that they opened, I'm so glad! Can't wait for it to come out on DVD! My computer will be the last to get unplugged on Saturday, the big day is near but we got to get through this week first! Hug and love to you all!


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