Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Colors & Choices

I'm having a blast! I have the freedom to pick and choose the colors for our new house and I want colors we've never had before, so close your eyes and picture these colors: morning glory, swallows nest, river bank, August moon, herb tea, banana nut, apple muffin, mudpie, buttery bread, dry basil, crisp wheat, sprig of sage, journal cover, and Brazilian flame. Some won my heart and are in the house, others are competing for the last two rooms. Wouldn't you just love to have the job of naming paint colors, I know I would! The paint sample pictured here with writing on them are the winners, my craft room is done in sprig of sage so even in the winter I will be surrounded by green to keep me creative. The blue and brown grace our bedroom, even hubby likes it and the red/carmel featured above make a bold statement in the living and dining rooms. Choices that will make this neglected house shine and smile, just like I am! Please excuse the blurry photo, I think I'm due for a new camera, lately mine has been awful blurry and it's driving me nuts, so bear with me!


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