Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm back, still unpacking

After a week, I'm finally back online and doing a little blogging, so nice to be back with you all! My computer was buried in the craft room that turned into a storage room of boxes! But the house is slowly coming together, still painting and rearranging. Were camped out in the library, always wanted a library and once our bedroom is done, I'll have a room to call a library. Our master bedroom is the only room that didn't get new carpet and after searching what our town had to offer in ways of flooring, we went with a laminate floor in a rich vintage wood. It was cheaper than carpet and is said to be easy to install, a first for us, so were working on that in the evenings.
I love it up here, saw deer the second night here, and I'm working on getting birds to come around. It's so peaceful, so relaxing, even the train doesn't bother me, pinch me!! I had over 800 emails waiting to be deleted when the computer got hooked up but among the mail was two awards that were passed onto me, thank you again! I'll get busy soon and pass them along in a post. The snail mail is catching up with us too, and a BIG sweet thank you to MaryBeth for the lovely housewarming gifts, you really are a treasure girlfriend and I'm blessed to know you! I hope to get some photos taken and posted soon, once the house is more presentable, but I'm back and sure did miss you all!


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